farms for sale in patagonia argentina
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Lands for sale in Patagonia Argentina

Lands for sale in Patagonia Argentina

Inmobiliaria Comodoro S.A. (ICSA) is a Consulting and Advising Company with more than 50 years of trajectory in real estate businesses and founded in the year 1960.
Lands and farms for sale: In the beginning, the main activity were farms and ranches in the Patagonia Argentina, expanding our service coverage to the neighbor country of Chile and recently in Uruguay. Later on, the Urban and Industrial market would become important pillars of our economy. The increasing demand of our clients motivated the inclusion of Professionals in different areas, who were ready to offer a service each time more efficient and dynamic, destined to satisfy the demands of an international market.

¡Inmobiliaria Comodoro S.A. (ICSA) Welcomes you! and guarantees you that there, where good businesses are made, also good friends are made!

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Propiedad NEW Code: 56

Surface: 67 HA
City: Coihaique
Province: XI Región
Country: Chile

Description: LANDSCAPE: Nailed by the Elizalde Lake, it is a magnificent property with incredible views. High summits on the lake, its abundant fauna and the natur...

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Propiedad NEW Code: 407

Surface: 87.000 HA
City: Gobernador Costa
Province: Chubut
Country: Argentina

Description: LANDSCAPE: The landscape is varied and geography too. It has medium sized hills in foothills and higher in the summer pastures, valleys crossed by thr...

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Propiedad NEW Code: ICS561583

Surface: 35.000 HA
City: Bariloche
Province: Rio Negro
Country: Argentina

Description: ...

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Propiedad NEW Code: 373

Surface: 75.000 HA
City: El Calafate
Province: Santa Cruz
Country: Argentina

Description: ...

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